Hans und Regina Klucker

Hans and Regina Klucker

Holzschnitzerei Klucker Haus

House Klucker wood carving

Juliane und Michael Pfaffenzeller

Juliane and Michael Pfaffenzeller

For more than 60 years, our wood craftsmanship has been trying its best to realize your wishes using our imagination, skills and experience.
The founders Hans and Regina Klucker have even been awarded with the Bavarian State Prize for outstanding accomplishments.

Their son-in-law, Michael Pfaffenzeller, learned the art of sculpture at the vocational School for wood carving in Oberammergau and expanded his studies whilst taking lessons from experienced master craftsmen. Since 1989, he continues to be the artistic heart of the Klucker family business.
He creates, carves, gilds and paints the figures. His wife Juliane learned the art of dessing crib figures from her mother and welcomes you in our shop.

You can find our pieces in many grand churches like the Munich Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady), the Ettal Monastery, the Wieskirche, the Bonner Münster and, of course, in lots of private living rooms - a special treat for us.

All the best,

the Pfaffenzeller family

1953 Foundation of the Family Business by Hans and Regina Klucker
1974 State Prize of the Bavarian Government in the shape of a Gold medal for outstanding artisanal craftsmanship
1989 Michael Pfaffenzeller andJuliane Pfaffenzeller (born Klucker) take over the business
1991-1998 Hans Klucker - executive member of the Master Audit Committee of the Bavarian Wood Carving Guild
1998-2006 Michael Pfaffenzeller - executive member of the Wood Carving Guild
2013 60 years of Quality in the Family Business. We cherish 4 employees who have worked with us from the beginning until today!

Michael Pfaffenzeller

Holzschnitzerei Klucker Laden

Wood Carving Klucker Shop

Juliane Pfaffenzeller

Juliane Pfaffenzeller

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Hans Klucker

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Michael Pfaffenzeller