Quality Certificates

Our carvings carry 2 quality seals:

St. Lukas Association:

  1. Handcarved work
  2. Made in Oberammergau





The purpose of this association (founded in 1863) is to protect and promote the local craft of wood carving. Originally set up as supportive society to help each other in case of illness, nowadays the association constitutes a representational platform for its members. Passing the apprenticeship exam or a similar education as well as independent exercise of the profession are requirements for membership.

Ammergauer Kunsthandwerk

Handicrafts of the Ammergau Alps:

  1. Independent manual manufacturing in the Ammergau Alps
  2. Manufaction and composition following one's own designs

  3. Unique pieces only, no industrial mass production

  4. Origin of the raw materials from the Ammergau Alps

  5. Connection to the region's traditions and culture

  6. Demonstrated activity in this craft for at least 3 continuing years


Of these 6 criteria, at least 4 must be met. Criteria 1 and 6 are binding.